Alex and Becky Chipkin, aBc=Breakfast, Micro Gallery, Florence, Italy, 2011.

The Performance:

aBc = Breakfast

The title aBc=Breakfast is a formula: the letters “a,b,c” represent our names Alex and Becky Chipkin. “=Breakfast” simply means equal breakfast, which is the subject of our performance.

As children we were brought up like any other set of twins: we would eat the same food, and dress the same way. As we have gotten older, we noticed that we still have not completely shed what have now become deeply ingrained habits. Because of these habits, we are forced to stay together all day in order to micromanage the equality of all actions we perform.

aBc=Breakfast is a performance project in which we reflect upon our eating habits as twins. Through this project we seek to expose our compulsive division and equalizing of food in order to make us aware of ourselves and our actions.

The setting for our performance is in micro gallery in Florence, Italy, owned by artist Katia Giuliani. The performance starts every morning when we get up at 10.00 am, make breakfast together, and set the table in the gallery which is currently converted into our bedroom/living space. The space, which opens up onto the street, facilitates a perfect environment for this project, allowing us to put ourselves on display right in front of the passersby. In displaying ourselves to the public as such, we hope to force ourselves to become more aware of what we do; we will feel a sense of amplified awkwardness when this private action is put on display.

We documented our performance with photographs and video, some of which are seen below:











We were involved with works by Katia Giuliani including:

15 Minutes of Instant Celebrity (participant)

Blind Lunch (waitress-performer)

iShow (hostess-performer)

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